Dreamstate Healing in Wrath

Back in the bad ol’ days, there was a time when druid HoT healing wasn’t particularly respected, and druids were expected to stay out of tree-form and spam Healing Touch. As we all know, spamming HT in caster form isn’t exactly the most mana-efficient thing we can do, and so we had to go looking for more regen than the standard resto builds could provide.

Enter Dreamstate Healing. The idea is to run down the balance tree a bit, taking Lunar Guidance and Dreamstate. Back in the bad ol’ days I mentioned before, this meant we couldn’t get Tree of Life; however, since we’ve added a few levels (and had the trees changed around a bit), it’s now possible to grab Dreamstate and ToL.

But what does this mean? It’s not the bad ol’ days anymore, and druids are loved for their HoTs, not in spite of them. There’s no need to spam HTs anymore, and we don’t need the regen.

Okay, the thing is, it is possible to go oom as a resto druid. It’s not a real problem, and with appropriate mana management, it shouldn’t happen. But that’s the point; we’re still managing our mana. Sometimes we take a few moments off to duck outside the 5SR. Sometimes we trinket for more mana, and sometimes we have to innervate ourselves, instead of saving it for that holy priest that we just had to brez. There’s always room for more regen. When a healer or two goes down, there’s no time for time outside the 5SR. Those HTs you were cancel-casting now and then started landing. Hope you’re not low on mana…

I suppose the point is, do you have enough regen to cope with whatever happens? Or are you going to wipe, and try again? Can you take the pressure?

Actually, that’s not the point. The real point is, what do we give up to grab Dreamstate? What do we gain? Is it worth the trade?

First of all, the spec. You’re looking at 28/0/43 or similar. You still get all of the core resto talents. What you miss out is anything past Improved ToL. Actually, you even miss out on the third point in that. So, a little less bonus to your ToL healing, no Wild Growth (oh stop crying, it’s been nerfed anyway). What do you gain? A whole lot of extra regen (probably somewhere around 100mp5), and a bunch of extra bonus healing as well, from Lunar Guidance.

Is it worth it? I’m afraid that for me, the jury is still out. I’ve only specced this way this morning, and I’m about to have a stab at a 10-man Sarth to see how it goes. I’ll let you guys know.

In the meantime,

Happy Druiding,


Okay, back from Sarth. It worked great in an easy-10-man situation; much spamming of heals, great regen, and the only thing I had to keep in mind was that I don’t have WG anymore. But remember, us druids didn’t have a group heal up until recently anyway; we needed to make up for it with skill. Pre-emptive healing, careful planning of HoTs, and more recently, plenty of spell haste.

They’re my main comments after trying out DS-healing. Remember how you used to do it, and don’t skimp on spell haste. Sure, stacking haste over regen just puts us back to where we were before, but you’re probably already packing a fair bit of haste at level 80 anyway. I’m yet to see how it performs in a 25-man, but I should be having a look at some heroic Naxx tomorrow night. We have another resto druid who I was fighting for top of heals with last time in, so I have a good way to gauge the performance of this new spec.



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  4. Tryp said,

    March 15, 2009 at 11:01 am

    I personally tried this build out(after looking into it during BC (even trying it back then too) and liked it for the most part, however found one thing to be severely lacking. Without Gift of the Earthmother, my usual hotting spree was significantly slowed. Being a druid that usually relies on HoT’s (and does quite nicely with them at that), I found it infuriating to have to wait that extra fraction of a second more for GCD to roll around.
    I didn’t overly miss Wild Growth, ah it has its moments, but can be lived without, since nerf anyways.
    All in all I think the success of DS resto comes down to your personal healing style. It will likely cramp the style of HoTers, though if you usually use Cast time heals, it works out quite nicely.

  5. Marius Stoica said,

    July 6, 2009 at 4:06 pm

    I’m trying to view that spec and I can’t, can you link it again pls ? (like the real talent tree without the “src= …” pls) thanks

  6. Marius Stoica said,

    July 6, 2009 at 4:25 pm

    Is it something similar to

    did it in 1minute … don’t know if i got it right 😛

  7. Dreamstate said,

    April 7, 2010 at 9:04 am

    This spec is definitely one overlooked and under respect in the age of EJ cookie cutter builds and relying on spreadsheet theorycraft rather than real world experience. The spec, when done properly, maximizes druid direct healing spells (Nourish, healing touch, and swiftmend). Unlike a BC dreamstate druid, the extra talent points now let dreamstate druids pick up important talents like omen of clarity, swiftmend and improved tranquility. Living seed, which procs off direct heal crits adds extra healing, and rejuv is used on current target as a bolster. The idea behind dreamstate is healing is powerful direct heals. Nourish crits proc nature’s grace and natures grace makes nourish a 1 sec cast in TOC/ICC 10 gear. Couple that with nature’s bounty talent and your main healing spell has a huge crit chance. Empowered touch gives you even more healing from your sp, and if you stack int you can see mana pools in the 35k+ range in TOC/ICC10 gear and raid buffs. The downside is you don’t have the extra armor of taking tree form. Since the aura is shared with paladins spec’d into improved devo its no real loss. Also if situations were spamming nourish on the raid gets out of hand, specing into improved tranquility gives you a raidwide heal, equivalent to spamming nourish, and only a 3 min CD making it quite useful. If you prefer healing style of a holy paladin or a disc priest, dreamstate healing will come naturally to you. If you’re used to hotting then don’t bother with the spec, itll feel strange. It is still very viable in raiding though.

  8. Tryp said,

    September 5, 2010 at 4:52 am

    These days, the only downside to this is a lot of higher end raiders will laugh at you if you try and make a Druid into a tank healer. Which is a shame, as with a setup like that they become very good at it. Personally I would vary the above spec slightly, dropping Dreamstate in order to boost direct heals even more.

    In the current tier of raiding, druids excel at HoT based healing. All these specs really do is turn you into a Holy Paladin. Not that that is a bad thing, just not really necessary.

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