Where I’ve Been…

Once again, I’ve had a bit of a gap in posting. This is partly because WoW is taking a bit of a back-seat to work at the moment; I’m not raiding, I’m not even heroic-ing much. I’ve been … Social-WoWing, I guess. I tried a stint as level-80 balance, and loved it for soloing. I did some feral time too, and loved it even more! Pulling 15 or 20 mobs and bear-AoEing with swipe is great fun. But DPSing instances just isn’t for me; not on my druid, anyway. Tanking I don’t hate, but it’s just not what I love.

So back to resto I went. I think it was inevitable.

Anyway, the other reason I haven’t been posting is that all of my meta-WoW time lately has been spent fiddling with my interface. Playing with macros, addons, and other UI customisations. I’m sure I’ll end up with one helluva series on what I end up with, but for now, this is it.

Happy Druiding,



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