Where I’ve Been…

Once again, I’ve had a bit of a gap in posting. This is partly because WoW is taking a bit of a back-seat to work at the moment; I’m not raiding, I’m not even heroic-ing much. I’ve been … Social-WoWing, I guess. I tried a stint as level-80 balance, and loved it for soloing. I did some feral time too, and loved it even more! Pulling 15 or 20 mobs and bear-AoEing with swipe is great fun. But DPSing instances just isn’t for me; not on my druid, anyway. Tanking I don’t hate, but it’s just not what I love.

So back to resto I went. I think it was inevitable.

Anyway, the other reason I haven’t been posting is that all of my meta-WoW time lately has been spent fiddling with my interface. Playing with macros, addons, and other UI customisations. I’m sure I’ll end up with one helluva series on what I end up with, but for now, this is it.

Happy Druiding,



Guild Progression: What It Is and How It’s Done

A little while ago now, I had to give my guild some news. Althura is moving to a more supervisory role; taking something of a ‘hands off’ approach, as it were. Moving up and out (though not ‘out’ of the guild); taking a step back; taking a ‘wait and see’ position.

Resigning as a core raider.

This isn’t a choice I wanted to make, but unfortunately, due to those nasty IRL things that pop up from time to time, Dissent’s HoTNelf is going part-time for a while. I’m going to miss out on a ton of progression content, which really sucks. Progression is why I play. Lack of it is why I ditched my last guild (In spite of them being a great bunch of people! Hi FFJ!). Fortunately, Dissent has social and backup-raider ranks, and so moving out of full-time raiding doesn’t mean they’re gonna ditch me. Probably, anyway.

I’m slowly creeping towards the point of this post, but if you read oneHoTNelf often you’re used to that. Don’t worry, I’ll get there.

Anyway, the start of the month saw my first night sitting out of raid in … A Very Long Time. I even sat in the raid vent channel for a while. I sat outside Naxx. I already miss raiding; but most of all, I miss being directly responsible for guild progression.

“Hang on Alth, you weren’t responsible for guild progression, just involved. Right? Not an officer, not a class leader… Not Responsible.”


In a guild, every raider is responsible for guild progression. Every backup raider who comes in once in a while. Even some of the socials. But particularly the core raiders. Responsible. Directly.

But what IS progression? How does it work? If I’m responsible for it, what do I have to do?

Read on.

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