Of Moonkins and Server Transfers

I haven’t really been posting much lately, and there is one core reason for that, I guess. All of my WoW time has been spent leveling towards 80. That means no new healing tips, because I haven’t been healing. No insights into dungeons (because I’ve hardly done any) or raids (because I haven’t done any at all!)

So what HAVE I been doing?

Going boomkin, for a start. I highly recommend throwing at least a few points into balance while you level. I’ve left myself only about 20 points into resto, and I’ve stacked most of the core balance talents. Especially with the change to spell power, you will put out some really good damage, as well as having better survivability in moonkin form.

On top of going balance (although I promise, that’s just while I level), I’ve moved servers. In fact, the whole guild did. We were sick to death of 2000+ queues (that’s right, TWO THOUSAND PLUS). That meant over three hours. Guildies had said they’d seen close to 2.5k, and a four hour wait. Bye bye, Aman’thul. It was a bit of a snap decision, very little discussion really. One night it was being tossed about in vent, with no real decisions being made. The next night, our GM Pawn announced that he was going, and he hoped we’d all come too. A couple of people held out for a while, but pretty much the entire guild (barring a few random socials) is over now. We’ll be raiding it up on the new Oceanic server Saurfang from now on.

It was nice to show up to a new server and already have a reputation. Quite a few people, when they noticed I was in Dissent, immediately whispered me comments ranging from “Ugh, you guys, you’re gonna fail” to “OMG Dissent! Are you recruiting?”. Fortunately a lot more of the latter than the former, but there were a few people here and there who seemed to dislike us. Oh well, I guess they’re most likely the jealous type.

The one place we didn’t have enough fame (or infamy) was with Aman’thul’s GMs. When we petitioned to have the whole guild moved over, bank tabs and all, we were told Dissent wasn’t ‘high-profile’ enough. Apparently being ranked 4th on the server by WowJutsu isn’t all that high-profile. Oh well.

Ok, I lied. I will sneak a few tips in here. Rep. Rep, rep, rep. My Kalu’ak rep is well into revered already, and if you just do all the quests at the three main quest hubs, in Howling Fjord, Borean Tundra, and Dragonblight, you’ll be pretty close to revered (hit that link back there to see the rewards for the different factions). A few dailies and you’re done: there’s one at each quest hub, although be aware that the Borean Tundra one is at the over-run Kalu’ak settlement a little to the west of the main hub.

Wyrmrest Accord is taking a little longer. Focusing on the quests at Wyrmrest Temple rewards you, not just with a stack of rep, but also a cool cut-scene and an achievement. The daily there is also fun.

Sadly, I’m yet to make much of an impression on the Knights of the Ebon Blade, Sons of Hodir, or the Frenzyheart/Oracles. I’m sure these will feature heavily as I get closer to 80, however. I’m sitting around mid-78 so far (which puts me WELL behind Dissent’s faster guys, who have already downed a number of bosses in 10-man Naxx).

80 is certainly in sight, and in the meantime,

Happy Druiding,



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  1. Holly said,

    November 24, 2008 at 11:15 pm

    The oracles and frenzyheart you have to do a huge quest chain you can only start after finishing another quest chain.

    (in dalaran close to the fp there’s a quest that sends you to nesingwary) once you’ve earned the fp in nesingwary, then you can travel to river’s heart and a lady gives you a quest there for a lion

    you go kill the lion, and when you do one of the frenzyheart is like ‘you stole kill you slave now!’ and that starts the ridiculously long quest chain, where for the first half you help the frenzyheart, then the quest will lead you to an injured oracle and when you help it, you start the second half where you help the oracles a lot.

    Then you go fight a lich and when she hits low health she essentially bubbles herself and summons a frenzyheart and an oracle on chains. You kill one, save the other, and it’ll give you the quest.

    (doing the last quest -is- repeatable to switch your choice, and whenever you pick/switch you become instantly hated with one and honored with the other) to get past honored there are dailies at each camp you do.

    I didn’t expect to ramble this long but there you go.

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