+Heals vs Spell Power

I have two things to say.

Firstly, why don’t you guys leave comments? I have plenty of visitors. I suspect some of you may even be turning into “regulars”. Say hi? Let me know you’re out there? Tell me where I’m wrong, or what sort of advice you want next?

Bloggers, what kind of percentage of readership comments? Does it take 100 views to get 1 comment? 50? I don’t have enough information to have any idea yet.

Ok, second thing, and the point of the post. +Heals vs Spell Power. Now, I know that at my gear level, stuff got roughly halved. 2.2k “ish” heals become 1.1k “ish”. I say “ish” because I stopped being too interested in numbers: I have most of the end-game gear, short of the last 3 pieces of T6. Hell, I’m 2/8 T6 feral. I have several MH/BT feral drops even: I could probably TANK Hyjal if I wanted. Early BT even. LATE BT even, and I’m just about there with my FR tanking set. Yes, I’ve been VERY bored in the gear area lately. I don’t even need to use the Chromatic Wonder flask to cap my SR lately. *YAWN*.

What this means is, my old info on +heals isn’t very relevant before. Can I just halve the number at any level, and have a sensible number? Is 700 spell power plenty for kara? Is 600 capable of heroics (although just barely)? I don’t even HAVE my old gear, and most tanks aren’t gonna put up with me only using half my gear slots to heal a heroic. I’m a bit lost.

Not that it matters. WotLK is coming up. People will stop bothering with heroics. 1.2k spell power will start looking pathetic. People will hardly remember that +heals used to be separate. People hardly remember now that healing gear used to have NO +damage. But hey, I like to know. I still get plenty of hits to my easy-mode articles (which I haven’t NEARLY done as many as I expected to) trying to find out how to manage heroics. Or normals. So if anyone has some insight, I’d LOVE some numbers. Something like “I have 800 sp power, and I struggle with ZA” or “I have 600 sp power, and healing a 12k HP tank through h bot is CAKE.” So what are the numbers like? If you’ve enjoyed my past articles, and have some idea, give me something back. Give my other readers something back.

Ok, now the third thing (yeah, I know I said there’d only be two). How awesome is the DPS buff to healy gear? Suddenly my T6 healing set isn’t too far off T6 balance. Suddenly, when I spec balance, I’m pulling 1.2k dps instead of 600. Wow. Suddenly, instead of having a WHOLE separate spell dps set, I have a few pieces of +hit gear and that’s it. Suddenly, my +dmg is actually HIGHER than my +heals when I use my balance set.


Ok, the fourth thing is a shout out to the two best add-ons for druids. No, not Grid or Clique. No, not healbot (it doesn’t even deserve a capital: upgrade to Grid+Clique). No, not XPerl (is that working properly with 3.0.2 yet? Yes? No? Does anyone know? Does anyone still care?)

I’m talking about Talented and ItemRack.

Ah, Talented. I respec several times a week. Sure, I’m a Healer at heart, and I don’t think that’ll ever change. But come Alterac Valley time, do you know how many tanks show up at Drek? Bugger all. The number of times I’ve gone “/bg Ok, any time now, any tanks run in, I’ve got ya…”… With no results… The number of times I’ve strapped on my feral gear while resto spec and tanked the bastard. The number of AV weekends I’vve just specced feral so we actually had a TANK. And then gone balance ’cause my roomie’s guild had plenty of heals, enough tanks, but just not enough DPS to down raid boss X.

Let’s face it. As druids, we’re gonna respec sometimes. Use Talented: It’s just to good to go without.

Itemrack. Remember how I said I’ve tanked Drek any number of times in AV? I didn’t go bear and run in with healy gear. I didn’t sit there clicking on feral gear in my inventory. I right-clicked the Itemrack icon, chose the ‘RTank’ option (RTank is a feral set which is uncrittable without 3/3 Survival of the Fittest), and ran in.

When I’m soloing, I tend to click ‘Balance’ instead. A bit of extra +hit, some crit, and I’m ready to solo whatever comes at me. You Balance druids must be loving the extra +heals the spell power change gave you. When I’m feral, there’s a ‘FTank’ option which only aims at 415 defense (actually a bit less, and some resilience). There’s a FPvP option for when I’m feral pvping, an RPvP option for pvping as resto, an SR set for Mother, and so on.

You can even shove sets into and out of the bank using this (although it doesn’t always behave quite as I want with over-lapping sets).

In short, if you’re a druid, you need these mods. Talented is just priceless. Itemrack (so I’m told) has an alternative, but I’ve heard more complaints against it than against Itemrack. Go use it.

Oh, and to keep in theme for this post… The third add-on you need? Well, it isn’t even an add-on really. WowMatrix. Google it. Install it. It kicks ASS over ever other addon-updater I’ve ever seen. Screw Curse. Forget AceUpdater (is it even still around?) This thing updates EVERYTHING. It can install (almost) ANYTHING. Use it.

Well, that’s it, I think. Sorry for rambling (although you should be used to it by now.)

Happy Druiding,




  1. Eglador said,

    October 30, 2008 at 3:48 pm

    Now you gots a comment!

  2. Kriyet of Bladefist said,

    October 30, 2008 at 4:34 pm

    Alright already, I’ll comment!

    Since I run primarily as a resto, with just quick forays into Balance for questing, and had two weeks vacation recently, I healed a ton post-patch and got to see how the new numbers stack up.

    My current resto gear sits at 850-950 +spell unbuffed, depending on trinket and gear switches for particular fights. That translates to Kara gear, with one or two badge pieces.

    That amount lets me easily handle heroics, a two-healer Kara, and got me near the top of the healing meters in a Black Temple pug (where Najentus obligingly dropped Guise of the Tidal Lurker for yours truly as the only druid – thanks Naj!).

    This week we ran a Heroic Bot with a new holy priest sitting at 560 +spell, and she was fine. I actually got to pew-pew for a change – I’m LOVING hurricane with the new spell damage from my healing gear.

    I’d say you’re right on with the healing numbers 500-600 for easy heroics, heading to 700 for hard heroics and Kara, 800+ heading in ZA.

    RE: Gear switch mods. I use Outfitter – same deal. I nearly cried when it was down for a few days post-patch. I have sets for healing trash (fear & threat trinkets), healing bosses (mana trinkets), caster when levelling, caster with +hit for bosses, PVP, and innervation.

    And I heartily recommend WowMatrix too. Mostly because they screen everything before they include it in the list and get upgrades directly from developers. There’s too much Warcraft virus activity out there for me to trust open download sites.

    There – ya gots a comment.

    Dancing Divas

  3. Alyz said,

    October 30, 2008 at 8:04 pm

    – A reader –

    Whoah! You ask a difficult question there.
    But I have to admit you already give me what I want. An easy to understand blog that works with the more practical side of druid healing and an occasional rant (although you haven’t ranted in a long time I miss it 😥 )

    Theorycrafting is fine but it tends to confuse me ( I think I’m allergic to numbers). And I just skip all the math and go straight to the summary but then of course I only get to read half the story and don’t get the basic point.

    And let’s face it we all go to resto4life for our meal on theorycrafting everyday 😉

  4. Aertimus said,

    October 31, 2008 at 1:06 am

    Many questions…
    1. I read your Blog, mostly via feed.
    2. I have about 165 – 175 subscribers at any one time. This past week I have an average of 22 visits to my site per day. I have had two comments in the last week. Both comments were by the same guild mate of mine.
    3. I have 1193 Spell Power unbuffed. Everything I have done so far has been SO easy. We are working on Twins in Sunwell right now and that provides some minor challenges. Ever heroic I have been in since 3.0.2 I stack on some HoTs, alt tab, eat some ice cream, chat with guildies, AFK bio, and come back to find everyone still alive.
    4. I may need to make the switch to Itemrack soon. Outfitter has been making me naked at some really bizarre and inopportune times.

  5. Erdluf said,

    October 31, 2008 at 12:10 pm

    I enjoy reading your posts, but being Balance I rarely feel like I have much to add. Anyway, a lot of replys are just people trying to show how smart they are (or how stupid you are).

    For example, the healing to spellpower conversion is 2 to 1, or 1.9 to 1, or 1.88 to one, or 17 to 9. Actually, I’m sure it is somewhere between 1.877 and 1.882 (seriously). All of which means that 2 to 1 is plenty good enough to know if that guy can heal an instance that you previously thought needed 1400 +heal.

    I use Outfitter and love it. I haven’t ever used Itemrack. A feature of Outfitter that I use is its trinket-queue. In battlegrounds, you may be in and out of combat very frequently (30s or less). If I’ve just used a trinket with a long cooldown (2 minutes for PvP trinket, 10 minutes for Commander’s Badge), the trinket queue will swap in my next-best trinket (based on a priority list I made). When I’m out-of-combat and my best trinket is off cooldown, trinket-queue will swap it back in.

  6. althura said,

    November 1, 2008 at 8:34 pm

    Awesome: You guys are Pro. Thanks for the feedback, it makes the effort feel worthwhile 🙂

    I may have to take a stab at Outfitter sometime, seeing as a few people seem to quite like it. I’m worried about this random nakedness though…

  7. wolf0994 said,

    November 2, 2008 at 5:49 am

    Loved the post as I recently changed from feral to Resto. Healer at heart. Have a holy/disc priest at 950 SP unbuffed and run Kara perfectly well.

    Was looking to see how much SP needed as resto to run kara as heroics just aren’t getting the attention they used to. Right now I grabbed a couple freebee clothie epics from the EP vendor and I am sittin at 450 SP as a resto with a bunch of greenie stuff on as well. I have been lookin for some prophet items to add to the MP5/INT/SPI to make do with to get to kara but only found one piece so far. I think I should be ok as an offhealer in kara if I get the rest of my non epic slots filled with that stuff. Til I get the drops there. What you all think?

  8. althura said,

    November 2, 2008 at 10:36 pm


    If your guild is happy to carry you through as a 3rd healer, and your other healers are well-geared, you should be fine. Most of the early stuff should be ok even if you’re one of two healers, as long as the other healer is fairly well-geared. I’ve been through kara since 3.0.2 with only one other healer with a similar level of gear to you, and most of it was easy enough. I was a bit strained to keep up on shade and beyond though, and you need to keep in mind I’m 5/8 T6.

    Before the spell power change, I would usually have suggested about 1200 +healing for kara, and so I suppose you’d really want to aim at about 600 SP. My old guild (FFJ) had a requirement that resto druids get themselves to 1000 +heals (about 500 SP) and 100mp5 while casting before going into kara, and this is probably a pretty good baseline.

    Way back when, I did a series on gearing a resto druid on the FFJ druid forum at http://ffj.wickedit.com.au/index.php?name=ForumsPro&file=viewforum&f=1 and you might find that useful.

  9. Holly said,

    November 6, 2008 at 6:41 am

    It’s hard to say anymore with the major nerfs to raids and heroics as well.

    (I’m a PvE discipline priest btw)

    with the new nerfs and a kara gear level group (minus the healer) I saw a ~550 +SP CoH priest solo heal kara (it was rough, but we didn’t wipe once)

    I topped the healing charts in ZA with 650 SP (other healer was a paladin at +580SP) and we wiped twice, once cause hex used divine storm, and the second time because I got tornado corner locked on the hawk spirit at the end. I twas rough though

    I’d say 2 700 healers could knock out ZA fine with good tanks
    I’d say 2 600 healers would breeze through kara. (my opinions of course)

    I don’t think sunwell was hit with a nerf at all so it’s probably still at approx. half.

    (Hope this helped, check back later)

  10. Gankker (Uldum) said,

    November 7, 2008 at 2:20 pm


    We’ve done guild runs of it post patch with only me as a healer, we had a t5 tank and knowledgeable ppl, and 2 hybrids who could offheal if necessary, only time they got a chance was on maiden (when I had to trinket out of repentance) and in rain of bones… otherwise, super easy badge farming now :).

    Fun to whip through those places as Wrath looms over us.

  11. Gankker (Uldum) said,

    November 7, 2008 at 2:21 pm

    oops, I didn’t mention any stats, Tree drood, ~1050 unbuffed spell, with pots/oil/food, I’m around 1150-1200.

  12. Gankker (Uldum) said,

    November 7, 2008 at 2:22 pm

    Keep up the good work NE, you may not have gotten tons of comments before now but ppl are definately reading your stuff.

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