Lifebloom Blues

This is just a super quick one about an addon I’ve fallen in love with. Grid. Well, Grid + GridStatusLifebloom. It gives me a 0.1s-resolution countdown on any lifeblooms I have running, as well as a colour indicator for how many stacks I have. Fantastic for keeping track.

Sadly, with the new patch, it broke. It stopped updating the time remaining, and just stayed at 7s. VERY frustrating.

Happily, I found this post, in which Calico0 gives a very satisfactory fix. Find your GridStatusLifebloom addon folder, make a backup of GridStatusLifebloom.LUA, and then open the original up in Wordpad (Notepad doesn’t like the file much I found).

Search through the file for a block of code starting with “function GridStatusLifebloom:CountHOTs(unitid)”, and replace the whole block (should only be a few lines) with:

function GridStatusLifebloom:CountHOTs(unitid)
    local maxbuffs = 40
    local currentTime = GetTime()
    if unitid then
        for i = 1, maxbuffs do
            local buffName, rank, texture, applications, debuffType, duration, expiryTime, isMine = UnitBuff(unitid,i)
            if buffName and expiryTime then            
                local timeLeft = expiryTime-currentTime
                if self:isLifebloom(buffName) then
                    return applications, timeLeft
    return 0,0

Save this, and then jump back into WoW, and your Lifebloom Blues should be over.

Happy Druiding,



1 Comment

  1. Aertimus said,

    October 17, 2008 at 12:15 am

    Keeva at Tree Bark Jacket pointed this out to me yesterday. Absolute life saver!!! I too was VERY upset when gridstatuslifebloom broke and gridstatushots was just not cutting it.

    His original post is here:

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