“Shadow Priest” Druids: Revisiting Replenish

Wow. Just Wow. 3.0 is one HUGE patch. Stormwind Harbour, Achievements, Pet/Mount Learning, and a three hour BT clear.

That’s right. Three (or so) hours, with a bunch of new talents we haven’t really worked out yet. RoS phase one without an enrage, using only one tank. Teron down just as our second lot of constructs came out. Illidan down WITHOUT SHADOW DEMONS COMING OUT. My God.

Wild Growth. Oh. Em. Gee. I love it.

And… A fellow tree in my guild taking Replenish. If you read my last post, you may remember I didn’t really write it off, but I wasn’t thrilled by the talent. My guildie, however, decided to give it a try, and I must admit, I saw a few procs come up in my buff bar. The first time I noticed it, I threw up my character sheet to see what my MP5 was, only to find out it hadn’t changed. It restores a certain amount of mana, but not by boosting your regen.

Ok, cool, I thought, I’m getting a little extra mana here, this doesn’t suck. But how much? A quick calculation told me that 1% of my mana was somewhere around 100 mana (I’m sitting a bit over 10k). Since rejuv ticks four times, that’s an extra 400 mana per proc (I’m not really considering rage, energy, or runic power here, for a reason I’ll go into in a minute). Now let’s say that you’re really pumping out the rejuvenations here: casting 2 every 7-second lifebloom cycle. That’s about 17 rejuvs per minute, you should be proccing about 2.5 times per minute. That means you’re restoring 1000 mana per minute to the raid. Wait… No, you’re not. Rogues, warriors, ferals, and deathknights (later) don’t get mana back, they get other stuff. Let’s say 1/4 of the procs are on those classes. Additionally, ‘locks don’t care (lifetap), nor do prot pallys (spiritual attunement and a low mana pool). Some of the ticks will be wasted on people who’ve recently been innervated, just taken a mana pot or gem, or some other such mechanic. We’re starting to look like our best-case scenario of 1000mpm to the raid is turning into 500 at best, and maybe less. The mana regen is tied to the rejuv ticks, so swiftmending a replenishing rejuv stops the mana regen too.

Why am I ignoring energy/rage/runic power? Well, rage builds pretty fast anyway, and I’m yet to hear “oh, we wiped, the tank went OOR.” Ditto for energy. The terms “OOR” and “OOE” don’t exist, although rage-starving can occasionally be a problem. ON CONTENT WHICH YOU’RE OVERGEARED FOR AND DON’T HAVE A MANA PROBLEM ANYWAY. I’m ignoring runic power because I have no real experience with it, and I suspect the same sorts of points will apply.

So if we’re looking at maybe 350mpm restored raidwide, that’s like 1-2 extra spells per minute across the entire raid. That’s pretty average, and nowhere near the kind of number you get from something like Drums of Restoration (up to 1500mpm), or a Mana Tide totem, or making a bunch of mana pots and shoving them in the guild bank so people who normally can’t afford many can use them more often.

So, do I think Replenish sucks? No. Will I spend talent points on it? Also no. It feels, to me, like a fairly mediocre talent, and I won’t call someone a noob for throwing points in there, but there’ll be a little part of me, deep down, which will think that maybe they haven’t thought it through.

Of course, I could be wrong.

I have a lot more thoughts on post-patch druid healing, and I’m afraid my recent “Spell Selection” post is looking pretty out-of-date already. That’s all fodder for future posts though, as I’m about out of time here.

Happy Druiding,



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  1. althura said,

    October 16, 2008 at 5:42 am

    If you’re still not convinced, compare Replenish (a 3-point 40-resto requirement talent) to the Ret Pally talent Judgements of the Wise (3-point 30-ret requirement).

    The pally talent makes all judgement spells restore up to 10 party or raid members 0.25% of their maximum mana per second (for 15 seconds, I believe), as well as restoring the pally casting it 33% of his or her base mana.

    Assuming a mana pool of around 10k, this is 25 mana per tick, times 15 ticks.

    Now, judgements are on a 10s cooldown, and are a regular part of any pally’s rotation. So we have 375 mana, times up to ten people. Every TEN SECONDS. Let’s say it doesn’t always get 10 people, and sometimes overwrites itself. Let’s say 2000 mana returned to the raid. Assuming 25 people, that’s an average return of 40mp5 per raid member.

    Compare that to the roughly 30mp5 to the whole raid I calculated for Replenish. Same number of talent points, only Replenish is further into the tree.

    I think the lesson is, forget the paltry and irregular mana regen you can get from Replenish. Take a ret pally, or a shadow priest, or whatever hunter spec got something similar (I don’t recall just now), and let your druids put talent points where they’ll be useful.

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