Easy-mode (Heroic) Bot

OH MY GOD. I’m doing an easy-mode series and I HAVEN’T done Botanica yet. What have I been thinking?

Why bot? Because there’s a good chance us trees are gonna have to run it quite a few times.

  1. Badges. Five of them, seven if it’s the heroic daily. That’s good by any standards, especially since bot has a pretty cool easy-mode version.
  2. Epic spi/+heal gems. Sure, they’re not quite as good as the badge ones, but they also don’t cost 15 badges/200ish gold.
  3. The Bangle of Endless Blessings. Really. You want this. One of the best regen trinkets in game, and it even drops on normal.
  4. No, I mean it. The non-epic regen trinket. Wear it. I use it on Illidan. I use it on council, and mother, and Kaz’rogal. This is one freakin’ awesome trinket for mana regen.
  5. Did I mention the Bangle of Endless Blessings? It drops from the last boss, Warp Splinter.

I can’t stress it enough. If you’re a tree, you should have the bangle in your inventory at ALL TIMES, and don’t forget to pop the use effect regularly for even more regen.

So, going on and on about the loot aside, how do you do bot on easy-mode? Unfortunately, this place requires a bit of cooperation from your tank and dpsers. Anyway, it’s late and I want this up tonight, so I’m gonna skip the trash for now. There are a few nice tips on trash, so check back once I’ve filled the rest of the post in.

*Skip trash up to first boss because I’m lazy for now*

Commander Sarannis is a very easy boss. If you have enough dps, he’s tank’n’spank. Warning: I’ve always had enough dps, so I’ve never actually experienced the adds. But, I’m told that every minute, an elite healer and 3 non-elites spawn. Either keep them feared or have the tank pick them up and burn the healer. Realistically, don’t run with sucky dpsers and you’ll never see these things.

I’m also told there’s some garbage about an arcane debuff and arcane damage which can stack to nasty levels and need dispelling. I’ve never really had trouble healing through whatever this boss does, and I suspect “nasty levels” = “lifebloom can’t take it all and you might actually need to move your finger occasionally to a second spell”.

Anyway, that should have been easy. *Skip trash to 2nd boss because I’m lazy atm*

Boss 2: High Botanist Freywinn. There are 2 ways to do this. The easy-mode way, and … actually, I’ve never even seen another option. The tank tanks the boss on the bridge. Every now and then adds come out, and if they’re left near the boss, they heal him (while the adds are out, the boss goes all druid-tree-like and casts something that looks like Tranquility). To avoid the healy-badness, EVERYBODY runs back the way you came around the wall and line-of-sights the adds. Be ready for some spike damage on yourself here if they use their ranged attack on you, but focus on getting around that wall. Tank tanks, dps aoe the things, and when they’re down you run back to the bridge and go to town on the boss. Rinse’n’repeat.

Again, if your fellow instancers don’t suck, that should have been easy. *Skip trash to 3rd boss because I’m lazy atm*

The third boss is the one which wipes groups. Thorngrin the Tender is a REALLY REALLY EASY BOSS that everybody does on hard-mode because they don’t know how. Easy-mode is a simple one-shot, yet I’ve seen groups wipe again and again on this guy.

There’s not much to it really. Thorngrin has two main abilities he uses: Sacrifice and Hellfire. Sacrifice takes a random group member (not his current target, which generally means the tank), stuns him or her for about six seconds, and applies a dot that does about 5k damage total. Warn any off-healers you have, and /rw at them when it happens (because dpsers forget that kinda thing). If you have no off-healers, you need to keep yourself at full health (full health – 5k is not a problem; a few k below full – 5k could equal DED), keep plenty of hots on the tank, and be ready with a NS+HT or Swiftmend on your tank the moment the stun wears off.

Sacrifice is rarely a problem for druids. Refresh your lifebloom stack more than needed and your tank’s health may not even dip. The  real problem is hellfire, and not for the reason you’d expect. There’s a simple method for avoiding the hellfire: have all the dps stand up on the stage where Thorngrin starts, and have the tank hold the boss down on the floor, a little away from the stage. The aoe won’t spread up the stairs, and the only sufferers are melee dps, who need to run out. If you have trouble keeping the tank up through the hellfire he may need to run out too, but I don’t remember really needing to bother, even with lesser geared groups when my gear was a bit light too.

The real secret is to realise that Thorngrin does a threat clear after the hellfire. No strats seem to mention this, so I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure I’m not. Let your dps know to STOP DPS WHEN THE HELLFIRE STARTS, and not start again until the tank has hit the guy a few times. Make everyone aware that the boss is not taunt-immune, but does tend to resist a lot, so the tank can’t just grab him back. Once he hellfires, he will probably go loose (possibly onto you from healer threat), and dps need to just sit on their hands and wait for the tank to get some threat up. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THIS STEP WILL WIPE YOUR GROUP OVER AND OVER.

Anyway, that said, if you can follow that instruction (and get your nubbish dpsers to do so as well), this guy is actually pretty easy. *Skip trash to 4th boss because I’m lazy*

Laj is cake. Really really simple. Tank tanks him where he starts, and he summons 2 adds every now and then, one on the left and one on the right. Try to get the least attentive dpser assigned to just burn the boss; the other two take one side each, and jump on the adds as they come out. A decent dpser can burn an add down pretty fast and get back to the boss without needing more than a quick hot. Rinse, repeat, go through a few add cycles, and you’re done. There’s some garbage thing where you can pull the boss outside the room, he keeps teleporting back to summon the adds but they don’t aggro the group, and you just get to burn the boss and deal with the adds later. It’s a COMPLETE waste of time, the adds die quick anyway, and you just end up with a bunch of adds that need killing after the boss is down, and then there are enough all together to wipe you if you’re not careful. BEWARE THIS MORONIC STRATEGY.

*Skip trash to final boss, even though it’s only two quick aoe packs that pally tanks take as one pull*

Warp Splinter. This guy is so easy that basically all you need to do is cross your fingers and hope your bangle drops.

Well, ok, there’s slightly more to it than that, but not much. This is the easy-mode guide (I hope you’ve read my other easy-mode posts), so I won’t dwell on options and alternative strats and stuff. I’ll just tell you how to easily kill this overgrown tree and get some loot.

Two abilities *yawn*. The first one is a big aoe knock-back thingy. Don’t stand in range. Duh. Basically, the tank should keep this vegetable in the middle of the circle, or a touch closer to the entrance to the room. You, and all the rest of the ranged, stand at max range on the path.

Here’s the tough part. Oh, it’s so hard *yawn again*. Every now and then, he yells out and summons all of these little tree adds, with a normal aggro table. If they get too close to the boss, they heal him a bunch. This isn’t good. But, if nobody touches or taunts them, they aggro on you (heal threat, you know this right?)

When they head for you, they’ll hardly heal the boss at all. But, oh noes, you’re just a healer, you can’t tank them, right? Well, that’s the beauty of the positioning. At most, 4 will get to you before they *despawn*. Yes, that’s right, as if this wasn’t easy enough, the adds despawn before they can even gank the healer. I tend to pop a 3-stack LB on myself and hardly even see my health bar move.

To do this, you need to warn your tank not to taunt them off you. If the tank taunts them, they head for the tank (= the boss) and heal the boss a bunch. Also, you need to tell the dps not to waste their time (a) fearing them, (b) CCing them, (c) frost novaing them, (d) dpsing them, (e) LEAVE THEM TO ME YOU IDIOT DPSERS, HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY IT? Anyway, your dpsers will still probably not listen to you and try to heroically save you, which isn’t really bad, it’s just a waste of time. You aggro the adds, hardly any get to you and the ones that do can’t really hurt you much, and eventually the boss dies. Loot and hope for your bangle (or a spi/heal gem).

Congratulations, you just finished (heroic) bot. My record is 47 minutes, but I’m sure it can be done faster.

I may just do heroic mech next, purely because everyone thinks mech is so easy, but it’s actually a real bitch to heal sometimes. Also, it can be done be some of the fastest 4 (6 with daily heroic) badges you can earn. My record is 27 minutes, with a very geared tankadin and some extremely leet dpsers. This place also has a few nice healy drops for the undergeared.

Althura, signing off (here’s hoping I bother to come back and fill in the trash stuff, there are some nice useful tips).


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