What has Althura been up to, anyway?

So I haven’t touched this blog in quite a while. In fact, I haven’t written any real content since early April, and it’s now September. So what can a resto druid get up to in five months? (Warning: Rambling will ensue. I’ll be writing articles about what I’ve actually LEARNED later).

Quite a lot, it turns out. When I last posted, I was excited about going on my first raids (kara only), struggling in heroics, and getting my heals to about 1500. Read the rest of this entry »


Out of touch: Take Two

Two “Out of touch” apology posts in a row aren’t good, especially with such a long gap between them. I’ve been busy instancing, raiding, working, being sick, trying to keep fit, and all those other things people do, and somehow blogging just slipped off the end.

Anyway, I’m going to try to revive OneHoTNelf. I’m back, hopefully to post regularly. And believe me, I’ve come a LONG way from the druid who was HoTing up Karazhan a few months back. But that’s another story, for another post, and this is just a quick hi before I dive into writing a real article.

And yes, if I manage to stick with it, there will be a return of the “Easy Mode” articles, complete with raid boss overviews (with a focus on healing).

Cheers until next time,