Out of touch

I’ve been really slack lately, but there is new material on the way! I’m currently working on three posts:

  • Easy-mode Shattered Halls
  • Easy-mode CoT: Dark Portal (Black Morass)
  • Raids: Healing with a Druid

I have no idea which one will go up first, but they’re all on the way. My easy-mode series has been a bit slow since Shadow Labs, simply because I don’t know any other instance quite as well. Seriously, I wrote the Shadow Labs guide in about 2 hours without reference to any maps, other sites, or WoW itself. Other instances, I’m finding I’m having to actually run a few times to come up with all the tips, and catalogue all the trash properly. Okay, maybe not BM, I’ve just been lazy there.

Anyway, see you all soon!


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