Out of touch

I’ve been really slack lately, but there is new material on the way! I’m currently working on three posts:

  • Easy-mode Shattered Halls
  • Easy-mode CoT: Dark Portal (Black Morass)
  • Raids: Healing with a Druid

I have no idea which one will go up first, but they’re all on the way. My easy-mode series has been a bit slow since Shadow Labs, simply because I don’t know any other instance quite as well. Seriously, I wrote the Shadow Labs guide in about 2 hours without reference to any maps, other sites, or WoW itself. Other instances, I’m finding I’m having to actually run a few times to come up with all the tips, and catalogue all the trash properly. Okay, maybe not BM, I’ve just been lazy there.

Anyway, see you all soon!


Cross Fingers and Pull…

Last week, I was side-lined for Kara. We have a couple of extra players for our main Kara team, to cover for absences, but if everybody shows up, there just isn’t room. I offered our second team my services (they’re struggling through earlier bosses), but DPS was their main problem, not healing.

So I was looking for some raid action for the week anyway, and out of the blue, some guy I healed a run for weeks (or maybe even months) ago whispers me, asking if I’m still resto. It turns out their guild team is still working on downing Attumen, and they were chasing some extra heals. I was a bit worried about getting saved to another guild’s run in case FFJ needed me later in the week, but I went along anyway. Read the rest of this entry »

Talent Spec Angst and Heroics

I’ve been seeing a few other druids out there re-talenting lately, and it’s a while since I’ve touched my spec. Maybe it’s time for a change, particularly in light of the experiences (difficulties) I’ve been having in heroics lately.

Now I have about +1500 healing unbuffed these days, thanks to some BoJ rewards, PvP epics, enchants, Kara drops, and so on (I was somewhere between +1000 and +1200 when I started this blog). This still doesn’t seem enough to comfortably manage heroics while relying on Regrowth, Rejuvenation, and Lifebloom. If my tank is well-geared, I’m usually fine, but if my tank is a bit light for heroics I sometimes just can’t keep up. Okay, so this is really the tank’s problem, not mine, but it would be nice to be able to be able to heal just about anyone through a heroic, instead of having to potentially ditch a run and go find a decent tank. Also, the tank dying is ALWAYS the healer’s fault (just like DPS pulling aggro is ALWAYS the tank’s fault), and I hate looking bad. Even to nubs. Read the rest of this entry »

Karazhan At Last!

A couple of weeks ago, I went out and did my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th key frag, so I finally got my Master’s Key. Lo and behold, my guild needed another healer that very night for Karazhan, and so I got my first look inside. We’re just progressing to Gruul’s Lair with an ally guild, and we’re running 2 Kara teams, so there’s an increasing number of slots coming up (I desperately hope to get my usual pally tank, Amathyst, in soon as well.)

There were a few things I was prepared for that people might not be, and I knew about them mainly because I read blogs like mine, so I guess this blog, being a blog like mine, better have tips like these (hopefully that wasn’t too circular.) I’m not talking about tips for INSIDE Karazhan. I’ll save that for another time. I’m talking about tips for BEFORE the invites even go out. Read the rest of this entry »