Easy-mode Shadow Labs

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I Hate Shadow Labs. But, to get to hate it quite so much, I’ve had to run it quite a few times. And there’s only so many times you can run an instance before you start to learn a few tips. So, in line with my last post on “Easy-mode” instancing, I thought I’d start to put together a few tips on “easy-moding” particular instances. Read the rest of this entry »


Easy-mode Instances

Everyone knows about normal instances, and most people have heard of Heroic-mode. What most people don’t know about is Easy-mode.

Normal mode is open to everyone who can walk through the instance entrance. Some instances need attunement, but even that can often be skipped by most players (when it’s key-based, only one person in the group needs the key).

Heroic mode is a bit tougher. You need to grind out some rep and buy the heroic-mode key (usually for some insignificant amount of gold). Since Blizzard dropped the rep requirement down to honored, most players probably don’t even notice the “rep grind”.

Easy mode requires something much tougher than attunement or rep grinding. It requires finding five people with common sense, awareness of their class role, suitable gear, and an understanding of how groups work. It also requires a leader who is familiar with the instance, and the correct class balance for the instance being run. Fortunately, the drops and quest rewards are the same whether you’re on easy-mode or not, and heroics also have easy-mode versions. Read the rest of this entry »

Picking the Right Gear

I healed Shadow Labs last night.

For the record, I detest this instance. There are AoE fears, threat clears, big pulls, mind control effects… It’s basically one big “Pay Attention” instance. The second someone screws up, you’re at risk of wipe. I don’t think I’ve ever managed a clear without 8-10 wipes, although thanks to some tips I picked up last night, I’m beginning to think I’ve just been running with under-geared players. See, the problem is that slabs really requires 2-3 well-geared level 70 dps classes, but the people wanting to run slabs are usually fresh 70s chasing their Kara key frag.

Anyway, that’s beside the point. Read the rest of this entry »