Gear Sets and how they Save You Gold

I’m a Druid, and that means bag-space.

Huh? No, I mean it. Bag-space. I have a feral set, for when a guildie is desperately hunting for a tank for Sunken Temple or BRD or something else I can manage. I have a balance set, for when I just can’t get a healing gig (yes, it does happen) but someone will take off-heals/light DPS. I (obviously) have a main healing set, and I’m slowly putting together a resilience set for PvPing. I’m even hanging onto a blue-healing set (Why? Read on.) There’s shockingly little cross-over between the sets, although I only have slots with durability in my blue-healing set, and my PvP set so far uses a lot of my main-healing gear. Once all my sets are complete, and I’m getting close, I will have upwards of 60 pieces of off-spec gear sitting around. That’s three primal mooncloth bags worth of stuff to lug about. Add in a bag full of consumables (healing pots, mana pots, down-ranked mana pots to save some cash, Golden Fishsticks, Blackened Sporefish, a Demonic Rune or two, bandages, multiple stacks of food and water…), and you start to wonder where you’re going to put any loot you pick up. Sure, some of the stuff can go in the bank, but you get the picture.

Why do I do it? Because I love the multi-role aspect of the druid. I’m a healer at heart (I suspected it right through my 40s and 50s, and having made the switch, would never go back), but if I just enjoyed spamming heals I’d have rolled a … well, I’d be off playing a cleric on Everquest or something. I love being able to jump in as a tank occasionally (for lower content), or play some balance, or even go kitty and get up close and personal with my enemies. Sadly, I have to burn piles and piles of bag space to do it really well, but that’s the price I pay for getting what I want out of my class.

Now, what comes up a bit is that somebody needs a healer for something that’s absolutely cake in my main healing set. This is where gear sets start to save me gold, and this applies to EVERY CLASS, whatever your focus or spec. You’ll be asked to do your main role, in a setting which you’re over-geared for (this can have other problems too: see my previous post).

Now, I’m already talented out the wazoo for healing, and if it’s just a light gig, I don’t really need to be wearing my Purple Epic Healing Bra of Really Expensive Repair Costs (WHAT? A new underwire costs HOW MUCH?). This might be less an issue for a tank, but for a healer or dps, unless the instance is really WAY below us, we don’t actually have that much control over wipes. Sure, we’re healing great, but if our tank cops a couple of crits in a row from a multi-mob pull, well… Sometimes tanks just die, and it’s not really anybody’s fault, and sure the healer was over-geared, but she was actually just recovering from spilling her Vodka and Orange in her lap and didn’t realise we were pulling, and oh sorry, your FULL EPIC SET repair bill is how much per death? Because those mobs hit hard, and your 480% armor bonus from items will only go so far when your items have virtually no armor in the first place, and if you’re a mage along to DPS and it’s a boss with 200,000HP left and the healer just couldn’t keep the tank alive… That’s a DPS race you can’t win.

So take off your Epic Bracers of the Gold Void and strap on your ratty old Blue Bracers of Mediocrity. You don’t need all those extra stats to run Stratholme. Particularly if you’re a glass-cannon DPSer, they’re completely wasted anyway: you may be massively out-threating your tank even in blue gear, and when you pull aggro anyway, at least the mobs will only be busy beating the snot out of YOU, and not your bank balance.



  1. Bellwether said,

    February 21, 2008 at 1:17 pm

    Good point. I’ve been crying lately at my purple repair bills. If I hadn’t already vendored my blues in this desperate bid for epic flight form, and if my bank wasn’t packed to the seams already (I too have several sets; including a kitty dps set as I never know when I’ll want to get back to my feral roots) I’d be on this bandwagon in a heartbeat.

  2. Gankker (Uldum) said,

    November 7, 2008 at 2:35 pm

    And, you can regem some of your old stuff with stam gems as an alt set for bosses that need higher levels of HP =D

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