LF1M: Resto Druid?

“LF1M mage”
“LF1M lock”
“LF1M pally tank”

Some classes seem to get all sorts of LF1M love, and some seem to get none at all. Druids, I suspect, are somewhere near the bottom: I have been head-hunted for groups (and raids) before, to deal with something situational like needing HoTs to tick during CC, but we’re not quite as “must-have” for most instances as, say, a mage. Because we seem to be seen as one of those “situational” classes, I thought I might go through some of the situations you need us for (I’m focusing on resto-spec here, but most of this applies to every spec to some degree.) Read the rest of this entry »


Gear Sets and how they Save You Gold

I’m a Druid, and that means bag-space.

Huh? No, I mean it. Bag-space. I have a feral set, for when a guildie is desperately hunting for a tank for Sunken Temple or BRD or something else I can manage. I have a balance set, for when I just can’t get a healing gig (yes, it does happen) but someone will take off-heals/light DPS. I (obviously) have a main healing set, and I’m slowly putting together a resilience set for PvPing. I’m even hanging onto a blue-healing set (Why? Read on.) There’s shockingly little cross-over between the sets, although I only have slots with durability in my blue-healing set, and my PvP set so far uses a lot of my main-healing gear. Once all my sets are complete, and I’m getting close, I will have upwards of 60 pieces of off-spec gear sitting around. That’s three primal mooncloth bags worth of stuff to lug about. Add in a bag full of consumables (healing pots, mana pots, down-ranked mana pots to save some cash, Golden Fishsticks, Blackened Sporefish, a Demonic Rune or two, bandages, multiple stacks of food and water…), and you start to wonder where you’re going to put any loot you pick up. Sure, some of the stuff can go in the bank, but you get the picture. Read the rest of this entry »

On Tanks and Aggro, and why your Healer cares

I had a bad experience with a PuG last night. I know, I know, duh. But the difference was, this particular PuG could have been oh-so-good. We were running Shadow Labs for the first Kara key frag, and our little group was as follows:

Healer: Yours truly. I’m decked out in mostly blues and some epics, and am more than up to healing SLabs.
Tank: Amathyst. My pet tankadin, mix of 70-only blues and greens. Easy to heal, a little short on threat generation still.
CC/DPS: Hunter, dinged 70 yesterday, pre-70 blues and (mostly) greens.
CC/DPS: Rogue, dinged 70 yesterday, pre-70 blues and (mostly) greens.
CC/DPS: Mage, decked out in S2/S3 Arena Epics.

Perhaps some of you see what’s coming. Perhaps I should have too. Read the rest of this entry »


Well, I guess this is ‘Beginnings’ in some ways, but certainly not others. I’ve been playing Althura for over 12 months now, and she recently healed her first Zul’Aman run, although we only downed Nalorakk and weren’t able to get past Akil’zon.

Althura was a feral druid right up until her late 50s, when she decided to go resto to main-heal all those shiny new outland instances. She regularly runs with Amathyst, her pet tankadin.

As for me, Phaelia over at Resto4Life introduced me to the wonderful world of WoW blogging (Hi Phaelia! I’ve been lurking for months), and my recent and regular contributions to my guild forums have me thinking it might be time to start keeping all my posts in one place.